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Swirling rolls of soap ready to slice and slot on to a wooden lollipop stick – or just sell as they are. In an assortment of different fragrances and colours. Bursting with energy, full of fun and just begging to be picked up, they make a wonderful splash of colour in the bathroom. Even the most reluctant of hand washers will want to get their grubby mitts on a slice of one of these little beauties!

Slice the roll yourself into 12 pieces and push a lolly stick into each slice and Bob’s your-uncle! Or we can slice and wrap the soaps for you – just select the sliced and wrapped option when you order! Either way they look fab.
We include 12 wooden lolly sticks with each roll you buy.


Bath Fizzers 2 x 100g

Bath Marbles

Bath Muffins

Bath Salts

Body Soaps

Cocktail Bar Bath Fizzers

Double Bubble Creamers

Foot Care

Fizzing Bath Tarts

Hand Care Soaps

Foaming Bath Powders

Mini Bath Hearts

Soap Cakes

Soap Loaves

Soap Sponges

Skin Smoothie Bars

Whole Ball Fizzers

Shampoo Bars

Conditioner Bars

Novelty Body Soaps

Roly Poly Soap Loaves

Bath 'Wobble' Jellies

Novelty Shaped Bath Fizzers

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